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Are you a skilled professional looking to make a difference while earning extra income? Join Dua Tutors Academy and turn your expertise into a rewarding tutoring opportunity.


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As a tutor, you have the unique chance to be a source of inspiration for students. Your guidance can light the path to success, boost confidence, and help students overcome challenges.


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At Dua Tutors Academy, we celebrate the joy of sharing knowledge. Your insights, skills, and experiences are treasures that deserve to be passed on to the next generation.

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Welcome to the Dua Tutors Academy's Tutor Registration Page!

Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge and helping students succeed?

As a tutor at Dua Tutors Academy, you'll have the opportunity to inspire and guide students on their academic journey.


Application Process

  1. Submit Your Application: Fill out the online application form with your personal information, qualifications, and subject preferences.

  2. Interview: If your application meets our requirements, we'll schedule an interview to get to know you better and discuss your tutoring approach.

  3. Reference Check: We may contact your provided references to gather more information about your teaching abilities and character.

  4. Start Tutoring: Once training is complete, you'll be ready to start tutoring students and making a difference in their education.

Thank you for considering becoming a tutor at Dua Tutors Academy. Your dedication to education is an inspiration, and we look forward to the possibility of having you on our team.

Let's work together to empower students and help them achieve their academic goals. Join us today!

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